QI tools & templates

Here you’ll find a collection of downloadable tools and templates to help your QI project run smoothly and achieve the most impact it can.


Project Idea Brief

A project idea template to help you when you start a quality improvement project.


Prioritisation Matrix

Use this prioritisation matrix template to help with your quality improvement project.


Project on a Page

Start filling this in when you first begin your quality improvement project.


PDSA Template

You can use PDSA cycles to test an idea, by trialling a change on a small scale and assessing its impact.

Discovery Model

The Discovery Model or U-model focuses on transforming mindsets to create sustainable change.


Project Review

A showcase summary of your project.

6 Thinking Hats

This tool enables individuals or members of a group to explore an idea or topic from a variety of perspectives, and in ways that may differ from their preferred way of thinking.

PDSA Cycle

You can use PDSA cycles to test an idea, by trialling a change on a small scale and assessing its impact.

Driver Diagram

This is a tool which can help you plan your quality improvement project activities.


Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone diagram is a visualization tool for categorizing the potential causes of a problem, in order to identify its root causes.

Stakeholder Map

This involves speaking with all those whose interests should be taken into account, who might include clinicians, administrative colleagues, patients and user groups.

Process Mapping

Process mapping is often a key starting point to many improvement projects and provides a visual representation of your process and gives participants an opportunity to reflect in order to identify problems and generate ideas.

Seven Steps to Measurement

The seven steps to measurement for improvement model provides a structure and method to develop effective measures in practice

Aims Statement

An aims statement is a written documentation of what you want to achieve from your improvement project and a timeframe for achieving it.

Some of these tools have been adapted with permission from KCHFT QI Dept