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Knowledge Mobilisation and Evidence for Quality Improvement and Decision Making

Medway Library & Knowledge Services (LKS) brings together knowledge mobilisation and quality improvement, embedding evidence-based practices and knowledge sharing into everyday activities. We provide coaching, training and resources, including the best Quality Improvement (QI) evidence available in books, journals and online, as well as the insight and experience of experts and organisations, to ensure everyone can make informed decisions and deliver sustainable change, taking the initiative to improve care. We support Improvers identify knowledge gaps and access the best evidence and expertise, so they can be confident they have the intelligence and knowledge for what works, what doesn’t, and why.

The LKS manager, Affra (afara.alshamsi@nhs.net) is an ambassador for the Evidence for Quality Improvement (E4QI) project, which champions the use of evidence for QI in Medway NHS Foundation Trust and our networks. Act as Improvement Evidence Lead to supports Medway Innovation Institute projects teams to tap into our skills and expertise.

This page offers support and resources to help you make the best use of our guidance and quality standards.

Knowledge Mobilisation

Exchanging know-how to drive Improvement

Knowledge Mobilisation is a strategy to enable people to access both the explicit and tacit knowledge they need – at the time they need it – to enable them, on the one hand, to perform their job roles more efficiently and more effectively, and on the other, to improve organisational performance.

Medway Library and Knowledge Services underpin education, lifelong learning, research and evidence-based practice. Our ambition is to extend this role so that healthcare knowledge services become the integral part of informed decision-making and innovation. We can help our Trust staff, learners, patients and the public use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place, enabling high quality decision-making, learning, research and innovation to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.

 The benefits of working with Librarians and Knowledge Specialists

 Contact LKS if you need Knowledge Mobilisation tools & templates or support. For more details please visit the Knowledge Mobilisation course on ESR or contact us on trust.library@nhs.net.

    Mobilisation Tool

    Please follow the link to the knowledge mobilisation tool. It can help with the development of ideas and create change through different stages of your project.