Big Interviews

The Medway Innovation Institute is proud to introduce our new Interview Series where we talk to staff and colleagues about Quality Improvement and Innovation within their roles in healthcare.

Series 1 Belinda McCann Belinda McCann, Clinical Systems Administrator talks to the Medway Innovation Institute about implementing the Virtual Bed Bureau during Covid-19. The highs, the lows and the challenges for the team of VBBers! Read the first interview here
Series 2 Sarah ElliottDr Sarah Elliott, Consultant Physiotherapist (Critical Care) talks to the Medway Innovation Institute about how QI plays a part in her role, her recent critical care publication and how innovation supports patients! Read the interview here
Series 3 Sophie Buck Sophie Buck, Founding Member of the MII talks to us about useful QI methodologies, the challenges that came with implementing the institute and transferring skills to her Service Manager role! Read the interview here
Series 4 John McLaughlin John McLaughlin, Orthotic Specialty Lead and one of our QI coaches, talks to us about his QI journey, patient experience and culture! Read the interview here
Series 5 Steve Arrowsmith Steve Arrowsmith, Head of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) talks to one of our QI Coaches, Steve Houlihan about the implementation of the Incident Control Room at Medway Foundation Trust and the support provided from the Medway Innovation Institute Watch the interview here

Series 6 Kerry O'Neill Kerry O'Neill, Quality Improvement Advisor and Clinical Nurse Lead for Prevention of Falls talks to us about her own QI projects, the importance of changing culture and her favourite tools to use! Read the interview here
Series 7 Caris Grimes Caris Grimes, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon at Medway Foundation NHS Trust and the Associate Medical Director for Patient Safety and Quality talks to us about failure and how we learn from mistakes and how we can use patients in QI! Read the interview here