30 July 2021
My Medway Innovation Institute Placement

Sadia Malik

1st March 2021, marked the first day of my placement with Medway Innovation Institute…

My name is Sadia and I am a trainee on the General Management Scheme at Medway. As part of my strategic placement, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside Lee Bridgeman (Head of Quality Improvement and Get it Right First Time Programme) and Lauren Pryor (Quality Improvement Project Manager). I was unsure at first and anxious as what to expect, and whether I would be able to support the team having no prior experience of Quality Improvement; this however was quickly overcome once I met the team and the anxious feeling transformed into excitement.

Working for an organisation where quality of care and patient experience is at the heart of what we do, yet there are challenges we face in delivering these values which amplifies the need for quality improvement. This excited and intrigued me to learn more. Lee shared an online course for me to attend and I had the chance to attend an Introduction to Quality Improvement course as well as the chance to gain invaluable knowledge from Lee and Lauren. As my knowledge on QI increased I soon came to realise, QI are improvements most of us do in our day to day roles.

As I approach the end of my 5 month placement, I can now reflect on how much I have learnt and what I have achieved. One of my proudest moments at MII was delivering a QI session with a QI coach to a team of student nurses. For me, this was a full circle moment. Initially starting the placement being unsure what I could offer with no QI knowledge to co-delivering a QI session taught me that anyone can partake in making change happen, even more so at the trust as MII are there to support and drive the change with the support of coaches, funding and much more.

Another highlight for me would be managing the MII anniversary event in collaboration with teams around the trust such as: Research, Education and Audit. This gave me the chance to work with the team to promote the support that MII can give and encourage change within the trust. This was an amazing opportunity for me as I also got to learn a lot about what amazing work has been taking place by the other teams.

As I now move on to my operational placement, I will not be leaving QI behind. Despite, unconsciously being involved in change I will use the methods and tools I have learnt, one of my favourites being the fishbone diagram to implement change wherever I go.

So this is not me saying bye to QI, but welcoming it with open arms to all my future endeavours.



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