About the Medway Innovation Institute

The Medway Innovation Institute is made up of a team of Trust QI trained coaches who are here to help staff accelerate quality improvement, research, education and patient care. The Institute brings together all of the experience, resource and support our staff need to capture their learning and provide the momentum needed for real change.

Our partners

We work with key partners across health and social care, academia and business, as well as key regulators and accelerators to bring the best advice and opportunities to the Institute’s projects.

Our values

The high standards we set for ourselves and the values we stand by guide everything we do, so that we can be sure we’re always delivering the best experience for our patients.


Prioritising care

Everything we do is to improve health, making sure our patients at Medway are kept safe and receive care of the highest standards.


Having an impact

Change can be an incremental nudge or a bold and creative transformation. Either way it needs to be guided by a consistent, coherent methodology and result in measurable results that solve real problems for the Trust.


Staying connected

We believe in the people who work here at Medway and their capacity to innovate. By bringing the best minds together, we can achieve more, faster.


Maintaining excellence

Our standards are unapologetically high because nothing matters more than the outcomes we want to achieve for our patients.


Thinking strategically

We take care to map over the strategic aims of the Trust to ensure that every project the Institute supports gets us closer to delivering on those goals.